Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Services

Safety Audits

  • Desktop and on site-assessments of your business and prepare a written report about your level of compliance to the relevant legislative requirements.
  • Consultation to assist you to develop measures to address identified issues.

Compliance to OHS legislation

Audit the physical characteristics of your business (i.e. office, factory,  worksites, etc.) your current OHS system and provide advice and recommendations to better enable you to demonstrate compliance to the current WH&S legislation.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a major component of WH&S legislation. It is the responsibility of the business owner to conduct their own risk assessments and develop adequate controls measures. In the event of an accident risk assessments will be one of the first things you will be asked to produce by a WH&S Inspector, and will be a substantial part of any defence you may have in the event legal proceedings occur.

We identify at-risk aspects of your business and offer options to control those risks, that you can consider against your business needs and budgets.

  • Assist staff to work through risk assessment templates based on ISO:30001, to help you develop risk assessments for your business.
  • Onsite assistance in identifying risks and develop controls for your specific needs.
  • Help management to implement a risk assessment strategy to identify, assess and implement controls within the workplace.

Accident Investigation

  • Early investigation to establish all the facts, to building a defence in the event the accident results in future legal proceedings.
  • Establish the root cause of the accident, and assist managers develop controls to minimise the likelihood of a repeat event.
  • Assist management implement strategies to address any future legal proceedings.

Work Health and Safety Management Plans

Assist Principal Contractors and PCBU’s with:

  • WHSMP templates suitable for your operations.
  • Site-specific control measures for the WHSMP and Project Management Plans.
  • Content for a WHSMP or WHS aspects of contracts.

Safe Work Method Statement

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a direct requirement for businesses that work in construction industry. There are several “high risk activities” that must have a SWMS prepared . Any subcontractor or Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) is required to submit a written site specific SWMS to the Principal Contractor, to work on that site.

  • Provide templates for a SWMS that meets all legislative requirements. (Templates regularly updated to keep pace with industry and legal requirements).
  • Conduct a site visit / consultation to assist you develop site specific SWMS that is based around your current practices and suitable for your operations.