Highly sensitive investigations

Active Assurance Services will only assign expert consultants to highly sensitive investigations to discretely deal with highly sensitive information or high profile issues in a way that protects the reputation and interests of those people and organisations that are involved. We can independently and objectively analyse the facts, and report on alleged personal circumstances of, or conduct by, elected representatives or board members, chief executives or senior executives, or other parties. Typical examples include:

  • Breach of legal responsibilities
  • Breach of conduct requirements
  • Information leak or misuse
  • Undeclared personal interests
  • Serious conflict of interests
  • Business expenses misuse
  • Harassment, bullying, or discrimination
  • Misuse of position or power
  • Acting outside of authority
  • Corruption or Official Misconduct

Our experts are highly experienced at confidentially and objectively dealing with everything from national security information down to the most intimate details of peoples’ lives, and where necessary advising on investigation outcomes and protective security and information security arrangements.

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