Ethics and workplace conduct investigation

At any time, employers and industry associations can be confronted with conduct issues that significantly undermine the performance of a business or the moral of fellow employees or members. A prompt, independent and robust response to allegations sends a powerful message to employees, customers, regulators, shareholders and investors about the culture of the organisation and the effectiveness of its management. However, such investigations are demanding on management time and require independence, impartiality, objectivity and procedural fairness in accordance with the principles of natural justice. Independent inquiry, free from any perceptions of pre-conceived notions by those involved is fundamental to just outcomes.

Active Assurance Services accredited investigators include accredited investigation and human resources management specialists with significant experience in conducting workplace misconduct investigations and relevant experience in management, governance and risk management. They have the skills and experience to ensure that your investigation is conducted in an impartial, timely, cost effective and defensible manner. Furthermore, their investigation reports are comprehensive and logical, enabling decision-makers to determine matters with confidence. Services can be provided as a Full Consulting Service or as Supported Investigations for organisations that require guidance and support.

Investigations typically cover issues such as:

  • Breach of code of conduct
  • Verbal, email or physical harassment or bullying
  • Bullying
  • Assault
  • Harassment including sexual harassment
  • Discrimination and victimisation
  • Conflicts of interest and favouritism
  • Accounting anomalies
  • Expenditure acquittal issues
  • Breach of privacy legislation and policy
  • Unauthorised release of confidential information
  • Breach of confidentiality, Information Misuse
  • Misuse of authority
  • Misuse of resources including plant and equipment, and ICT resources
  • Misconduct and Official Misconduct
  • Provision of false and misleading information/making of false complaints
  • Incidents or loss, theft and fraud
  • Careless, incompetent and inefficient performance of duties
  • Professional negligence
  • Contravening lawful directions
  • Favour to tenders / contractors
  • Favour to employment applicants
  • Deficient or corrupt procurement processes
  • Deficient management of misconduct