Corruption / official misconduct investigations

Official Misconduct – Corruption

The purpose of the legislation is to identify, combat and reduce the incidence of official misconduct (corruption) affecting and to continuously improve the integrity of the public sector. Corruption watchdogs may investigate the more serious cases of misconduct. However, failure of agency heads and executives to respond to the legislation and report suspected official misconduct or effectively deal with matters referred to them could lead to closer monitoring by oversight agencies and personal liability.

Some simple examples of corruption include:

  • Official Misconduct / Corruption
  • Misuse of power
  • Secret Commissions
  • Misuse of work time
  • False claims for time
  • False claims for injury / sick leave
  • Misappropriation / theft
  • Misuse of information / equipment
  • Misappropriation of goods/ services
  • Patient Care allegations
  • Child Safety allegations