Complaint management / case management

Complaints management, public interest disclosure, complaint handling

A defective complaints management system can hamper the efforts of a committed organisation or agency with dedicated staff. Staff who lack the objectivity and skill to acknowledge, assess, plan and investigate complaints properly can undermine a system that is otherwise ideal. However, a good system managed by skilled and objective operatives will be more effective.

Active Assurance Services can help your organisation develop and implement effective complaints handling system that:

  • Improves Culture – The organisation will be seen to value complaints as a means of strengthening operation and improving their reputation and relationship with clients or public.
  • Demonstrates Values – The complaint handling system will be modelled on the principles of fairness, accessibility, responsiveness, efficiency and integration.
  • Provides a Skilled Response – The complaint handling staff will be skilled and professional.
  • Is Resilient – The stages of complaint handling will be delivered – acknowledgement, assessment, planning, investigation, response, review, and consideration of systemic issues.
  • Reviews and Improves – The complaints information will be analysed and reported on as part of a continuous process of organisational review and improvement.

Services include internal / external complaints management:

  • Grievances, bullying and harassment
  • Ethical standards or misconduct
  • Administrative Decisions
  • Security
  • Official Misconduct and Corruption
  • Criminal Fraud
  • Public Interest Disclosure and Whistleblowing
  • Protection assessment for complainants, victims, witnesses and accused
  • Communication management for complainants victims, witnesses and accused
  • Pre-trial training and court support