Our services

Active Assurance Services can be engaged as a business partner for projects, short-term or long-term engagements, or on retainer. Our services can fulfill your needs without the cost related to finding, employing and maintaining specialist staff. Also, by engaging our people to compliment and support your in-house resources, the strength and resilience of your organisation can be improved in the long term.

Independence and objectivity

In the case of investigations, audits and reviews, we can provide services in a way that ensures independence and objectivity of advice, and integrity in our clients’ decision-making processes, and meets the requirements of oversight or compliance agencies.

Licensing and insurance

Our firm and our consultants are appropriately licensed and carry full PI, PL, Workers Compensation and vehicle insurance.

Information for new clients

Our services are easy to access. You will be assigned a project manager who will work with you to define your service needs and work plan to suit your budget.

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Fraud & Financial Investigations Security Consulting
Specialist Investigators Security Consulting & Assistance
Industry leading investigators, we approach investigations professionally and systematically to ensure that the terms of reference are effectively addressed and that the facts are established in a legal and defensible manner and presented in a useful way. One of the few true security consulting firms capable of assisting you to protect those to whom you have a duty of care, and your reputation, business operations, revenue, assets and confidential information.


Risk Management Consultants Training to build organisation culture and team capacity
Risk Management Consultants Work Health & Safety Consulting
With stakeholder demand for improved bottom-line results and the ever increasing level of regulatory requirements, public and private are feeling pressure to ensure their governance structure and risk assessment processes are executed completely and efficiently. Conduct on-site assessment of your business and prepare a written report about your level of compliance to the relevant law and standards. Also, advise and assist you to develop measures to address any identified issues.