Learn current trends and techniques in investigation and complaints handling NIS 2012

National Investigations Symposium 7-9 November 2012

Do you want to keep up with the current trends and techniques in investigations and complaints handling?

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Explore the current trends in local government – LGMA Qld Practitioner’s Concourse 2012

2012 Local Government Practitioners’ Concourse: 28-31 August 2012, Longreach

Local Government: The Final Frontier?

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Gather insights, strategies and practical solutions to fight fraud & corruption NPSFC 2012

National Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Congress  25-26 July 2012

Do you want to keep up with practical techniques in fraud and corruption control and investigations?

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Reduce the risk of baseless bullying complaints

Entrenched in a culture of workplace politics, or could it be you’re picking on me again?

Its time to take a reality check. Back in the early 1980s virtually nobody talked about adults being bullied. Yet today, if all the claims about Australia’s epidemic of adult bullying are to be believed, the nation is suffering from a perilous condition that threatens to undermine its way of life.

A seminar advertising a course on managing workplace bullying in Brisbane this month informs potential customers this is a “serious issue” costing Australian businesses more than $36 billion. It cites American research to suggestthe epidemic affects 55 per cent of all workplaces. Others insist the figures are even higher. According to the Australian Psychological Society, a staggering 70 per cent of employees are, or have been, bullied.

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How a fraud took down construction firm Hastie Group

Construction firm Hastie Group and 44 of its subsidiaries have been placed in voluntary administration, leaving thousands of jobs at risk after the business discovered “accounting irregularities” worth as much as $20 million.

But this is only the latest development in a string of bad announcements for the company, which has seen its shares tumble by 93% during the past year – it has been attempting to recapitalise itself for months.

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Premier backs audit findings that state is open to fraud

Nine Queensland Government departments do not have anti-fraud plans, 11 departments do not have key anti-fraud measures, up to 17,000 public servants can authorise expenditure “without a second set of eyes” and there is virtually no fraud training on offer.

These are among the findings of a damning Auditor-General Department’s review tabled in Parliament on Thursday into the financial risk to Queensland Government departments and agencies.

Premier Campbell Newman backed the findings.
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Alleged fraud that could impact the accounts of 7580 State Government employees

QUEENSLAND’S Auditor-General will investigate an alleged fraud that could impact the accounts of 7580 State Government employees.

Public Works Minister Bruce Flegg this morning said the alleged fraud had been discovered by one of the Government’s salary sacrifice service providers, RemServ.

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