Our clients

Our specialists can draw on their collective experience to understand your business, with its unique challenges and risks, and governance requirements.  Their experience includes Federal and State Government departments, Local Governments, government owned or controlled business entities, corporations, small to medium businesses, not for profit organisations, and private individuals.

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Public Sector Utilities
We provide independent and objective, expert consulting services. Projects can be scoped to comply with the relevant International and Australian Standards, as well as the relevant government policies. We understand the need to comply with shareholder expectations as well as regulatory requirements. Our services will ensure these diverse needs are met, to protect your brand, improve organisational performance, and achieve regulatory compliance.


Healthcare Education
Our strengths include its ability to grow with its clients. Whether your firm is a startup biotech, multidivisional hospital or pharmaceutical, we can scale our services to your local and global requirements. Given the risk of unforeseen events, education facilities must be diligent to ensure that risks are identified and defensible mitigation strategies are established.  Active Assurance Services can help management to develop internal risk management systems and control measures.